Actions must be taken to ensure environmental justice for all : Chief Minister

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan says that conservation of natural resources and environmental sustainability are political issues and there should be a political fight against exploitation of nature. Constructive actions must also be taken to ensure environmental justice for all. Cultivation practices that are resilient to climate change should be adopted. Challenges posed by climate change will be tackled using the state's feasible system. Environmental restoration activities cannot be undertaken solely as government programs. The government is emphasizing on implementation under the leadership of local bodies with people's participation. With the conviction that Kerala's greenery is disappearing, Haritha Keralam Mission undertook the Pachathuruth (green islets) dissemination project. Under the leadership of local bodies, government and private bodies, the aim of the Pachathuruth project is to find a suitable place and create and protect a natural forest pattern.

It also includes protection of mangroves. The Chief Minister also stated that the government has taken up a big plan to create one thousand more green islets in connection with this year's Environment Day through Haritha Keralam Mission. Green plants can play a vital role in reaching Net Zero Carbon Kerala, which the state aims to achieve by 2050.