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Various action plans and campaigns are being planned and implemented to achieve the stated objectives of the Haritha Kerala Mission such as sanitation, waste management through scientific methods, water conservation, agricultural extension etc. Haritha Keralam Mission's 'to do' list also includes grass-roots activities to combat challenges like climate change, global warming, water pollution and climate change.


Haritha Keralam Mission

Haritha Keralam Mission is one of the four missions formed by the State Government to build New Kerala through all-round development activities. Haritha Keralam Mission was launched on December 8, 2016. The main objectives of Haritha Keralam Mission is to promote cleanliness, water abundance, water security and safe food production. The Haritha Keralam Mission has already been able to create remarkable changes in various sectors related to ensuring environmental sustainability of the state. The Mission's objectives are clear in its unique motto of Water, Hygiene and Harvest.

Haritha Keralam Mission consists of three sub-missions related to Water Conservation, Sanitation and Waste Management and Agriculture. Mission activities are carried out practically under the leadership of local self-government bodies. Harithakeralam Mission facilitates coordination and convergence of stakeholders at Local Self Government, in its key operational areas.

Through diverse and innovative projects, activities and campaigns, Haritha Kerala Mission has been able to bring about positive changes in the sanitation and waste management sector in the state. Activities like the Green Law awareness campaign became a powerful public education programme. Along with the material gains made in all these fields, the value-based achievements made on the intellectual level are also remarkable.

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Remarkable progress in water conservation activities: Chief Minister

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan stated that the work going on in the state in the field of water conservation is progressing optimistically. Under the leadership of the Haritha Kerala Mission, the preparation of water budgets has been completed in 227 local self-government bodies. Also, the preparation of water budget is in progress in 208 local self-government bodies. The Chief Minister informed about this in response to a question in the assembly. A campaign titled 'Surakshithamakkam Paschima Ghattam' (Let's secure Western Ghats)is being conducted under the leadership of Haritha Keralam Mission to fully restore the streams networks in the Western Ghats and facilitate the flow of water. Reclamation work has started in the areas where mapping has been completed.

Till date 1044 km of watercourses have been revived as part of this. With the coordination of various departments, the 'Nirurav Project' is being implemented in all the local self-government bodies. Under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, 32757 km of streams and 3350 ponds were cleaned and revived. Also 4982 ponds and 17179 wells have been constructed and recharging system has been installed in 8576 wells. 59743 temporary check dams  and 538 permanent check dams have been constructed along with revitalization of the streams. The side protection of the revitalizing canals is reinforced by coir geo textiles. Apart from this, 22.1 km of rivers have also been revived.

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